One reason I went into gastroenterology is that food play such an important part of ours lives and our health. Below is another study showing benefits to intermittent fasting.  This is actually a simpler regimen than those recently discussed in the New England Journal. -Dr. Snow Link to article on:
Many patients are concerned about the safety of proton pump inhibitor therapy. Often there are news stories discussing potential risks of these drugs when statistical analysis is done on insurance data. Here is a report of a recent study suggesting that these medications are safe. This report concludes that, “…proton pump inhibitors are not associated...
For a long time, I have been discussing that soda can aggravate stomach issues, and have encouraged people to substitute other drinks for this.  Below is a recent research paper that discusses the health effects of soda consumption, both sugar sweetened and diet sodas.  Below the original post are two discussions of this recent research...
I often talk about sugar, and how it increases the risk of fatty liver and cirrhosis.  Juice enables fruit sugar rapid absorption, and can lead to obesity and the metabolic syndrome, particularly if started young. You may consider this article in the NY Times.
These new guidelines suggest we should lower the age of screening to 45 from 50 for the average risk person. Please discuss this with your primary care physician. You may consider this article on Medscape
The following article discusses artificial sweeteners, and their impact on health. It is important to continue to try to reduce sugar intake as well as sweetener intake in general, and not just replace one with another. The lead researcher for this report, says artificial sweeteners are, “not adding the calories, but it’s doing everything else...

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