COVID-19 Policies

Winchester Gastroenterology Associates


Winchester Gastroenterology Associates continues our commitment to mitigate real risks associated with COVID, while continuing to provide excellent patient care.

If you’ve tested positive for COVID…

  • Please self-quarantine from our office for 5 days.
  • Procedures may need to be rescheduled. Valley Health requires a 21-day wait period between a positive COVID test and a GI procedure.

Call your scheduler or 540-667-1244 if you need to reschedule your appointment or procedure.


Masks are no longer required in most instances.

According to the updated Valley Health policy, masks are no longer required for patients, visitors, and staff. This includes your office appointments at Winchester Gastroenterology. Of course, you are welcome to voluntarily mask.

Please note that masks are still required for staff and patients during GI procedures: endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.


COVID testing is no longer required prior to procedures.

Patients are no longer required to have COVID testing prior to their EGD/Upper Endoscopy. However, if a patient contracts COVID within 21 days prior to their procedure, the procedure will still need to be rescheduled. Masks are required for all parties during procedures.

Please call our office at 540-667-1244 if you have any questions.